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Let the Wind Work for You

Our Vision.

Premier Wind's goal is to bring change to Oklahoma by providing resilient technology with innovative quality energy solutions changing our concept of wind energy as we know and harness it today.

Our Solution.

Premier Wind's solution to providing quality and resilient energy technology is working with American Wind, Inc. American Wind is the manufacturer and designer of the MicroCube   and its multiple configurations. American Wind's innovative technology is efficient, simple and resilient.


Our Services.

The rendering above is what an Advanced WindWall     Farm would look like in your area. Each Advanced WindWall    produces 100 kWh.  Each acre could hold as many as 191 Advanced WindWalls    and produce 19 mWh.


Your Premier Wind representative is only a phone call away. The MicroCube    has a 30-year life . . . we don't expect you will need us often. 




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