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Size and Production Comparison

Perhaps you have seen the roughly 348’ tall, 1.5 mgW wind turbines with 122 foot blades along I-40?  Each wind turbine requires 32 acres of land.  According to, the planned 5,000 acre wind farm will provide 147 mgW of energy.  We could install 191 Advanced Wind Walls (100 kwh each) on 1 acre to get 19 mgWh of power per acre and could produce the same energy on 8 acres, saving Oklahomans 4,992 acres along I-40.

Area Required

Watts per Sq. Foot

225.02 ft.


2,252 ft.


22,522 ft.


444.4 w/ft.


4.44 w/ft. 

44.4 w/ft.



American Wind, Inc.




In comparing each of the 100 kw solutions above, the Advanced WindWall     produces more than any of the other 100 kW renewable solutions shown in much less space. With the Advanced WindWall     you could also use an existing rooftop instead of acerage.



Sustainable and resilient, American Wind, Inc’s innovative technology increases the ability to protect and deliver sufficient energy to meet any power production requirement.  This game changing technology increases effectiveness by making the user more self-sufficient and less dependent on vulnerable energy production and supply.


American Wind, Inc. Product/Solution Capabilities         

- Virtually noiseless, American Wind’s technology produces when solar and traditional wind turbines cannot

- Highly versatile, American Wind’s small size permits unlimited application…on land, air, and sea

- American Wind’s products/solutions provide sustainable, reliable power without long transmission lines, which are expensive to install and incur significant line loss. 

- American Wind’s products/solutions securely generate next to the requirement

- American Wind’s products/solutions are fully integratable with grid and/or other renewables

- American Wind’s products/solutions are virtually maintenance free… 30-year generator life, paintable with a 50-year paint life, while environmentally safe and reliable

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